Picture never having to electrically plug in and lug a vacuum cleaner around room to room while banging into doors and walls. That is all over with an inbuilt vacuum.

The main unit is located in either garage or a place within your home that is non living. The pipes that connect to the main unit are located in the walls and you simply connect to an inlet and away you go vacuuming. The hose is lightweight making it easy to vacuum up and down stairs.

With the main unit been located in the garage 100% of dirt, debris and allergens are removed from living areas. The central vacuum system delivers 3 to 4 times that of a portable unit. You can even vacuum about 75m2 from one outlet. Plenty of other features such as a vac pan for the kitchen that can be in your cabinetry and floor making spills easy to clean. We also have pet brushes and other accessories.

We have a huge range of vacuums to suit all homes no matter how big or small as well as commercial properties.

  • Smart vac is our most advanced and quietest effective central vacuum in the market, and this has a 10-year warranty
  • Our Husky range is a premium vacuum designed with tremendous power to provide powerful cleaning with a 25-year guarantee.


You can install a central vacuum system to almost any size, age or style home. If you are building a new home we can work in with the builder to ensure installation occurs before GIB installation.

Central Vacuums New Zealand provide cleaning solutions for any application or budget. Our products are of the highest quality, very technically advanced, with the best warranties available in the central vacuum market today. Buy with confidence and change the way you vacuum forever.